How much do payments cost your veterinary practice?

By Marketing

11 July 2019 5 min read


What are the top six benefits of integrating payment processing with your practice management solution?

As much as we humans like to think we’re indispensable, the reality is that machines are far better and faster than us at repetitive, mundane tasks. A great example of this is the humble pocket calculator, which has saved us all from time-consuming and mind-numbing calculations since the 1970s.

Humans come into our own, however, when tasks involve creativity, empathy, strategy, and innovation – attributes that technology can’t compete with currently. We are also far better at dealing with unforeseen situations. For example, when evaluating the cause of recent automation failures at a Tesla plant, an analyst said: “Automation simply can’t deal with the complexity, inconsistencies, variation and ‘things gone wrong’ that humans can.”

So it makes sense in any business environment to leave more valuable face-to-face interactions that require empathy and good communication to your staff, rather than waste their time on routine, manual tasks that technology can take better care of. One area that is ripe for this division of labor is payment processing.

While many veterinary practices have made the switch to integrated payment processing, others are still holding on to ‘old school’ manual entry and reconciliation. Not only does this waste staff time that could be spent on more valuable activities, but it is also far more likely to result in human error and even more time spent fixing mistakes.

Save time and money and introduce efficiencies

By integrating payment processing, you relieve your staff from monotonous tasks and free them up to use their skills in more productive and valuable ways. Not having to devote as many employee hours to monitoring, tracking, and reporting transactions within your payment environment results in direct cost savings. According to 2017 research, 51% of organizations rate cost savings as the top benefit of electronic payments.

An automated integrated process also reduces the steps taken during the patient check-out process, which has the added bonus of improving your overall client experience.

Minimize errors

Save time and reduce errors by eliminating redundant data entry and credit card verification, reconciliation, and other routine payment processing tasks. Even a simple calculation error or misplaced invoice can cost your practice time and money as the mistake is untangled.

Gain greater visibility and better forecasting

Even though it might seem that integrated payment processing will make you less aware of day-to-day operations in your practice, the opposite is actually true. Automated electronic payments let you capture more financial data, quicker, which you can use to give you a more detailed picture of what’s happening with your practice financials. This will help you better understand, predict, and forecast your cash flow.

When you integrate payment processing with your AVImark or ImproMed software, it’s automatically recorded, giving you better visibility and the ability to create more up-to-date and accurate reports.

Grow your business with wellness plans and automated payments

By integrating credit card processing with the wellness plans loaded in your practice management solution, you can store your clients’ information for seamless recurring monthly payments. This means you generate regular, predictable revenue without any additional effort from your staff to manually process payments

Provide secure transactions

Our Payment Processing Solutions offer a fully integrated, EMV-compliant payment platform for your credit and debit card processing with your AVImark and ImproMed software. With payment fraud on the increase and higher-than-ever financial compliance requirements, this solution ensures that all payment data exchanges are secure and compliant with the latest security standards.

Provide an audit trail

When you integrate payment processing and use a transparent, digital process for this critical business function, you create an audit trail. Manual processing, however, only gives you limited tracking, and paper records are at risk of getting lost or misplaced. An integrated payment platform lets you track every step of the process and retain records according to best practice.

Are you ready to save time and money and free up your staff for more valuable customer and patient interactions? Our Payment Processing Solutions can help. Interested in more information? Contact us today.