How to use veterinary software to achieve practice goals

By Marketing

1 June 2020 5 min read


Whatever your practice goals might be, using your technology at hand is a smart place to start.

No matter what your goals for the year are, it’s likely you already have the technology at hand to help you achieve them. For example, your practice management software comes with an array of sophisticated functionality. However, if you’re like most veterinary professionals, you’re probably under-utilizing it.  If used properly, your practice software makes it easier for your team to perform tasks, improving the overall efficiency in your practice.

There are specific features in your software that align with a specific goal you’ve made for your practice. Unlocking these tools help you reach that particular goal. Here are some examples:

Increase customer numbers

If your goal is to increase customer numbers, consider launching a modern website with an online booking portal, making it easy for new customers to book their first appointment. Then, follow up with reporting that tracks new customer numbers against your goal.

Increase revenue

If your goal is to increase practice revenue, consider a more detailed inventory management process:

  • Accurately track stock levels, usage and wastage
  • Compare against incoming revenue
  • Adjust pricing accordingly

Covetrus research shows that the average practice can lose almost $50,000 over three years without the proper usage of inventory software.

Increase customer retention and compliance

If your goal is to increase customer retention and compliance levels, leverage your practice software for automated recall and reminder notifications. Ideally, link to an online booking portal so customers can easily schedule appointments themselves. An integrated tool like Rapport reduces staff admin work and syncs directly with your software.

Software is a powerful tool that can help your practice be more effective and efficient. By utilizing the right features, this will help make it easier for your practice to achieve its goals.

It’s important to keep in mind, however, that no matter how state-of-the-art and powerful the technology is, it’s not much help if your team is not able to use it to its full capacity.

As part of your half-yearly goals review, make sure your team has received adequate training and is comfortable using your current software for everything they’re hoping to do or already doing. It also pays to offer the opportunity for your staff to do refresher courses and upskill if wanted. And, if you’re looking to use a new tool or part of the software that your team isn’t familiar with, make sure they get training to get up to speed.