Maximize your reach: Tips to promote your online pharmacy

21 September 2023 5 min read


If you have a prescription management solution, or if you’re thinking of making the leap, promoting your online pharmacy can be incredibly beneficial for your practice. By effectively engaging your staff and veterinarians to spread the word to clients, you can optimize the potential of your online veterinary pharmacy and transform the way you serve your patients. We have some essential tips and strategies to help you successfully promote and maximize the impact of your online pharmacy.

Connect with your Customer Success Manager
Connecting with your Customer Success Manager is a pivotal step in promoting your online veterinary pharmacy. This dedicated partner serves as a valuable resource, providing guidance and support to maximize your efforts. Your Customer Success Manager can offer:

  • Tailored Assistance: Customer Success Managers have in-depth knowledge of the solution and can provide personalized guidance and recommendations to align your pharmacy and practice growth strategies.
  • Marketing Resources: They can share marketing resources and tools specifically designed to promote your online store effectively.
  • Coaching Techniques: Customer Success Managers are experts when it comes to our prescription management solution and can aid your practice in pinpointing inefficiencies and share best practices on how to best utilize this tool.

Empower your staff
Educating and empowering your staff is critical to ensuring they actively promote and recommend your online veterinary pharmacy. Here are some ways you can empower your team:

  • Education and Training: Conduct comprehensive training sessions to familiarize your staff with the platform’s value, features and client access.
  • Clear Guidelines: Establish clear guidelines and protocols for staff members to follow when recommending the online pharmacy.
  • Foster Buy-In: Highlight the positive impact of the online pharmacy on the practice, clients and patients, and provide recognition and rewards for staff who actively promote it.

Maximize client outreach
Effectively reaching out to your client base is essential for creating awareness and encouraging clients to order through your practice-branded online pharmacy. Here are some strategies to help inform your clients:

  • Notification Systems: Make sure you’re opted in to our client engagement program so that your clients can receive hyper-personalized, practice-branded communications about prescription refills, promotions, and product news through email, SMS text message, and direct mail, sent on your behalf at no additional cost.
  • Email Collection: Develop strategies to collect client email addresses for targeted marketing communications. Ask your Customer Success Manager to share some best practices!

Add a “Shop Now” button
Making it as easy as possible for your clients to get to your pharmacy will go a long way to improving use. Add a prominent “Shop Now” button to your website that leads directly to your pharmacy. If you’re looking for some assistance adding a button, we can help.

Share on your social media
Use your social pages to get your clients familiar with the fact that you have an online pharmacy. We offer monthly themes and promotions that you can share with your followers through our Prescription Marketing Suite.

Chat with clients early and often
Seize every opportunity to discuss and promote your online veterinary pharmacy with clients. Whether it’s at the reception desk, in the exam room or at check-out, integrating mentions about the online pharmacy into your interactions can improve client awareness. Highlighting benefits, such as manufacturer discounts, fast home delivery and Autoship fulfillment helps put a spotlight on how convenient ordering can be.

Promote with printed materials
Keep your online pharmacy top-of-mind in your clinic and at home with printed material. Effective placements include:

  • Posters: Hang posters in exam rooms, waiting areas and high-traffic areas that highlight the benefits of your online pharmacy.
  • Invoice Updates: Include a QR code on invoices or receipts that directs clients to your online pharmacy URL.
  • Stickers: Add stickers to in-clinic diet inventory and prescription bags that remind clients to re-order through your online pharmacy.

Promoting your online veterinary pharmacy can be a key success factor in operating a healthy practice. Click here to learn more about our prescription management solution and how vRxPro can help streamline your digital scripting processes, enhance client engagement and optimize patient care.