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14 March 2024 5 min read


In recent years, veterinary practices have increasingly recognized the advantages of utilizing cloud-based practice management software. One of the most notable benefits of this software is time savings. Have you or your staff ever wondered exactly how much time could be saved?

Covetrus® surveyed 2,500 North American practices in 2022 to learn more about their experiences on Covetrus® Pulse® and with cloud-based technology. Pulse is an industry-leading cloud-based veterinary operating system (vOS®) that links veterinarians with the technology they require to optimize operations in the face of workforce challenges and increased demand. Furthermore, Pulse is the most integrated and connected cloud-based practice management system in the industry.  So, what did Pulse practices have to say?

Among survey respondents reporting time savings, Pulse saved an average of three hours per work week. Practice managers who reported gains said Pulse saved them an average of 45 minutes daily. The cumulative effect of this time saved results in a more efficient and profitable practice.

Most veterinarians could use more time
Pulse was designed to address a clear need among today’s veterinary teams for time savings. When asked, 94% of veterinarians surveyed by Covetrus said they struggle to find enough time to get things done. However, with Covetrus Pulse, a practice can increase efficiency up to 10 percent1 and allow veterinarians to see more patients and stay on schedule, which can lead to improved work-life balance.

“Covetrus Pulse combines everything I need in one place, saving around 30 minutes per day,” said Dr. Stacy Enke, DVM and practice owner at Martinez Animal Hospital in Martinez, CA. “The time savings really adds up, allowing us to see more patients but also to stay on schedule, which is critical to delivering a good customer experience. With the high demand for our services and hectic days for our team, we are thrilled to have this new technology that is so easy to use and that is helping us to manage our workloads and deliver great care to our patients both during their visits and when they get home.”

Customers agree that Pulse is easy to use
Additionally, according to study results, nearly two-thirds of customers surveyed indicated that Pulse is easy to implement, use, and train staff on. These findings remained strong across various job roles. Seven out of ten front-of-office respondents agreed that Pulse was simple to use and easy to train other team members to use.

“We are thrilled to see our customers reap time and efficiency gains with Pulse, which we engineered to be a game-changer for veterinary practices,” said Benjamin Wolin, President and CEO of Covetrus. “While similar technology exists in the human health space, it is our distinct honor to be the first to deliver such a comprehensive and much-needed solution to veterinarians in North America. We look forward to seeing Covetrus Pulse continue to help veterinarians optimize their operations, making it easier for them and their staff to keep up with the ever-growing demand for their services.”

Help make your practice more efficient with Covetrus Pulse
A first-of-its-kind platform, Pulse drives efficiency by consolidating the applications practices rely on for day-to-day operations into an all-in-one integrated system. With its user-friendly design and cloud-based accessibility, Covetrus Pulse arrives just in time to meet the urgent needs of a veterinary community that is stretched to capacity.

Covetrus Pulse is available to veterinary practices across North America. For more information, please visit

1 Figure based on data from CM Research Limited



Covetrus® Pulse®: The #1 rated veterinary practice management software1

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