How does the Covetrus support team expand your practice?

By Marketing

30 March 2020 5 min read


Do you know the four key benefits of our veterinary expertise to your practice?

A highly experienced veterinary software and hardware on-call support team can streamline and grow your practice. According to MetricNet, companies who use remote support have higher-than-average issue resolution rates than those that don’t.

With software systems in over 22,000 practices, we understand the need for specialized support. We bring together products, services and technology to connect our customers to the solutions and insights they need to work best.

What are the benefits of the Covetrus support team?

Specialized knowledge

A support team offers knowledge and assistance for your specific query. The Covetrus Support Team includes a range of specialists who can help solve any issues in your practice.

Supporting resources

Our support team offers additional resources that can assist in-house efforts. These resources include instructions, how-to-guides, frequently asked questions, demo videos and user manuals.

Live chat

In addition, live support chats are available during business hours, connecting you with the right person for your specific query. Chat is less disruptive to your workflow when you’re managing other tasks at the same time.

Software upgrades

Using software support allows your practice to access regular software upgrades. Some of the latest upgrades include features like telemedicine, medical condition record easy email, medical condition record importing, and medical condition record locking.