How training can fast-track your veterinary practice goals

By Marketing

2 July 2020 5 min read


Learn how to align training to your practice goals to achieve faster results.

Training your employees doesn’t just mean they’ll be able to better perform at their role or progress their career. It’s also an important factor in achieving your business goals.

When you align training for your team members to your goals, you provide your staff with the tools and skills to achieve them. 

According to training organization efront, when training programs are designed based on business strategy, employees better understand how they personally contribute to the achievement of business objectives.

Here are six steps to show how the right training can put your team on a fast track towards achieving your annual goals.

Identify what knowledge or skills are required to meet your goals

Identify what your team needs to know or be able to do to achieve your practice goals. For example, if one of your goals is to introduce wellness plans, what are the skills you need to build now need to ensure your team is ready from day one?

Identify the gaps and staff development areas

Once you’ve identified the skills or knowledge required, you should check in with your team to understand where gaps may exist. This information can be acquired through observation, formal assessments, or by simply asking your team members.

Identify which skills your team want to improve or develop

Talk to your employees to identify what skills they may want to add or develop. While it’s important to train your team in skills that help your practice achieve its goals, it’s also important that each individual is interested in the training provided. With the right kind of training, your team feels more engaged and motivated to help achieve the practice goals.

Evaluate current training

Evaluate any current, ongoing training you may be providing. Is it achieving it’s objective and providing the right skills for your team? If not, this is the perfect time to modify it so it does.

Train to match needs

The final step is to train your team to match your practice needs. Now that you’ve identified what gaps there are, you can find the right training plan to close them.