What does client engagement mean to your practice?

By Marketing

1 May 2020 5 min read


We know that client engagement means everything to your practice. 

Engaged clients visit more, promote more, and stay with your practice longer. Building trust and commitment through effective communications is key in showing your clients that you care about what matters to them most. 

Rapport® is a client communication solution which offers a better approach to achieving client engagement which delivers business results.

Rapport has been designed to increase practice efficiency, improve client experience, enhance practice image, and ultimately boost the flow of clients into your practice. Integrated with your practice management system, Rapport utilises integrated marketing communications and automation to help your practice: 

  • Increase visits
  • Improve practice efficiency  
  • Increase animal compliance 
  • Strengthen client retention 

Available with VisionVPM.

Rapport Scheduling – Take appointment bookings at any time with online booking

Scheduling a single appointment takes about 3 to 5 minutes. Multiply this by the number of appointments you schedule each day, and this ‘quick task’ grows into a time-consuming activity.  Integrated with RoboVet™, Rapport Scheduling frees up staff time with an online booking system which makes it easy and convenient for clients to make appointments.

Rapport Messaging – Increase practice appointments and free up staff with automated messaging

Increase practice efficiencies with automated reminders and recalls, increase reminder compliance and reduce no-shows by up to 50%. Rapport can help you build your practice image and client relationships with consistent messaging and integrated marketing communications via Email, SMS and postcard.

Bespoke marketing services – integrated marketing campaigns tailored to your practice

Rapport Messaging clients have a team of specialist Campaign Consultants on hand to deliver effective integrated marketing communications via email, SMS and postcard. Our team can translate your brand and identity into stand-out visual communications which engage and deliver on your business objectives. We can work with you to create, refine and execute your annual marketing communications plan.

Dedicated reminder system – automate your reminder and recall process

Appointment no-shows and cancellations can negatively impact your practice revenue and overall operational performance. Rapport is designed to free up staff time and increase reminder compliance by automating the reminder and recall process. Our dedicated Campaign Consultants will set up your reminders system so that your communications are automatically sent from the program at preset intervals and at the most effective times.

Our packages

  • Rapport Scheduling: Online Booking System
  • Rapport Messaging: Automatic reminders, recalls + integrated marketing campaigns
  • Rapport Connect: Rapport Scheduling + Rapport Messaging

Contact us to discuss our packages and learn more about how Rapport can help you achieve your marketing & communications objectives.

“It is immensely easy, there is no more toing and froing. The time saving has been the biggest benefit alongside the cost savings that accompany this.”