Meet Covetrus® vRxPro— Our next generation prescription management solution

28 August 2023 5 min read


We are excited to announce the launch of Covetrus vRxPro. Our next generation prescription management solution transforms digital scripting and strengthens client loyalty with a practice-branded online pharmacy. With a focus on animal wellness, treatment compliance, and practice revenue, vRxPro streamlines workflows to save time and elevate patient care.

We listened to customer feedback and designed vRxPro to address the growing needs of practices. Our continuous improvement efforts led to a reimagination of prescription management that simplifies your prescription process and offers your clients the convenience of an online pharmacy and home delivery. A full-service eCommerce solution, vRxPro provides tools, data, and insights that can transform how your practice operates daily.

The value of vRxPro

vRxPro enables practices to increase efficiency and strengthen client loyalty. With a simplified prescribing experience and direct integrations with major practice management systems such as Avimark® and Covetrus® Pulse, creating, approving, and renewing digital prescriptions becomes more efficient than ever before.

vRxPro goes beyond prescription management, to include a practice-branded online pharmacy that strengthens pet owner loyalty and maximizes convenience for your clients. This mobile-friendly design creates an easy shopping experience, no matter the device, giving your clients access to veterinarian-recommended products, including prescription medications, compounded medications and diets. Clients may also enjoy quick home delivery, free shipping on orders over $49 and additional savings with enrollment in our Autoship fulfillment program.

Another huge benefit vRxPro brings to veterinary practices is its focus on improving treatment compliance. Through highly targeted, practice-branded communications, including personalized emails, SMS text messaging, and direct mail, clients that opt-in are empowered to stay on top of their pets’ medications, promoting improved health outcomes for their beloved companions.

Key features

vRxPro is not just another veterinary pharmacy platform—it is a comprehensive eCommerce solution designed to help your practice stay ahead of the competition. Some of the highlighted features include:

Improved Practice Administration User Interface:
The efficient practice administration user interface allows for easy task tracking, receiving alerts for new prescription requests, and efficient reminder management. These improvements empower practices to maintain organized workflows and ensure timely responses to prescription-related tasks.

Simpler Prescribing Experience:
vRxPro integrates with major practice management systems and simplifies the prescribing process, reducing complexity and saving valuable time. Automatically synchronize treatment recommendations and online orders into medical records for a complete patient history. Additionally, users can query and find information quicker with advanced, context-specific searches.

More Flexible User Management:
Delegating prescription approval permissions is made easier with the solution’s enhanced user management functionality. Practices can quickly delegate scripting responsibilities to eligible staff members, ensuring a seamless workflow and efficient collaboration.

Pricing Tier Management:
Say goodbye to the time-consuming process of setting individual product prices. Our tiered approach allows your practice to set prices at the category level, aligning margins with your practice’s business strategy more efficiently. Plus, discounts funded by Covetrus and our manufacturer partners mean you can offer a wider selection of products and promotional offers to your clients, without impacting your profit margins.

Easier Business Management:
vRxPro streamlines operations by providing advanced features that simplify back-office tax calculations, tax collections, and tax reporting. By alleviating the burden of administrative tasks, practices can focus more on providing exceptional care to their patients.

Dedicated Account Team:
We provide strategies, tips, and best practices to help your staff improve efficiency, promote your online pharmacy, and grow online sales. A dedicated team—including your Account Manager, Customer Success Manager, Compounding Specialist, and Customer Support—partners with you every step of the way, from implementation and onboarding to strategy and training.

More Convenient Shopping with Practice-Branded Online Pharmacy:
The mobile-friendly practice-branded online storefront enhances the client experience by providing convenient access to over 10,000 veterinarian-recommended products. With a user-friendly interface and a wide range of offerings, practices can strengthen client loyalty and ensure convenient access to the veterinarian-recommended products pets need.

By switching to vRxPro, your veterinary practice can streamline prescription management, save time, and unlock revenue potential. With simplified processes, enhanced user experience, and a comprehensive suite of features, vRxPro empowers your clinic to thrive in the modern veterinary landscape. Learn more about vRxPro and discover how our full-service solution can transform your practice, maximize efficiency, and increase profitability today.