How Wellness Plans Benefit Patients and Practices

By Marketing

26 August 2021 5 min read


Help pet parents invest in long-term health

Proactive pet care is a growing trend, influenced by the rise in ‘pet parents’ and technology that empowers personalized services and flexible payments.  

Wellness plans are increasingly attractive for clients because scheduled payments can happen in the background. The flow-on effect for veterinary practices is long-term patient-veterinarian relationships based on meaningful recommendations and a steady flow of income. 

Services bundles, regular payments 

The option to invest in service bundles offers added value for your clients without blowing their budgets. This is especially so if they include discounts on other veterinary treatments not covered by the plan. Being able to plan for a fixed regular payment takes the stress out of their veterinary services spend without compromising care. At the same time, fixed regular payments to your practice from wellness plans can help you manage cash flow and financial planning. 

Wellness plans can help clients save even more money if issues are picked up during regular exams. Early diagnosis and treatment of health problems are usually less expensive and less distressing for both client and patient. With a wellness treatment plan in place, clients are more likely to schedule check-ups and treatments they might not have booked otherwise. Regular communication with your practice also helps personalize their engagement with your practice, so the reminders are less likely to be ignored. This means that patients receive a higher level of health maintenance and enjoy an enhanced quality of life. 

The regular treatment strategy set in place by wellness plans lays the foundation for achieving optimal health and well-being for your patients. Covetrus® offers thoughtfully designed and efficiently implemented wellness treatment plans to help practices grow while keeping patients healthy and clients happy. The ongoing financial commitment to the well-being of their companion animals promotes client loyalty and retention, which are vital for building a stable client base. Covetrus’ software programs are specifically designed to provide the functionality needed for the seamless delivery, tracking, and integration of wellness plans, alongside existing practice management for the long-term benefit of patients, clients, and your practice.  

Wellness treatment plans also promote regular contact with the reception team and veterinary professionals. Through this automation, relationships are strengthened with clients (and pets) while providing long term, preventative health services, and ensures your practice can deliver the best possible standards of care. 

Easy setup and administration 

Initial set up and ongoing administration of wellness plans can appear daunting for some practice managers. This can cause the idea of offering a regular payment plan for specified services over an agreed time period to hit an operational stumbling block. Without the tools to set up plans, check payments, and schedule follow up appointments, the concept often gets shelved and forgotten in the flurry of patient visits and consultations. 

The right software can take the pain out of creating, and maintaining, wellness treatment plans and help simplify and automate the process. Preventative healthcare plans that allow scheduled payments ensure predictable payments to smooth out revenue dips and stabilize cash flow for your practice. Client uptake can also be maximized by creating a range of plans that are relevant to the life stage of patients and offering tiered treatment options suitable for a variety of budgets. 

Reminder prompts for follow up appointments are generated automatically with the right software solution. This makes it easy for your administrative and operations teams to keep on top of recurring product purchases, such as flea, tick, and worm treatments. Veterinarians can be confident that they have the inventory on hand when their patients need it, leading to increased workflow and more patients seen each week. Which also creates opportunities to recommend additional food, treatments and accessory products to benefit the rehabilitation and preventive measures. With a consistent wellness plan, veterinary practices can lead the trend in proactive healthcare, and create an industry-wide peace of mind that patients are being treated by their preferred healthcare providers. 

Knowing that the practice is keeping track of routine – but essential – services like nail clipping, vaccinations, and dental checks, can give your clients the confidence that they too are providing the best possible care as a pet parent before they need it. The auto-renewal of contracts – a task so easily overlooked in clients’ busy lives – also means they can sleep easy knowing that their pet’s well-being is being taken care of by their trusted veterinarian professional. 

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