Three quick tips for client retention and your online reputation

By Marketing

13 April 2019 5 min read


Polishing your veterinary practice reputation is as easy as 1-2-3.

The internet can have a powerful impact on the success of your veterinary practice. What’s written online by you —and what’s said about you — is out there for anyone and everyone to see. Many of your regular clients likely already engage with your practice through your website, social media, and review sites. But there’s a very good chance that both prospective clients and clients who may have fallen out of touch are also learning about your practice online. Here’s how to make sure that what they’re seeing is all good news.

Go all in

Current and potential clients are going online to learn about their local veterinary hospitals, so you can’t afford to ignore your practice’s online reputation. And that means actively soliciting positive reviews and testimonials from clients. Start out by sending a simple “thank you” email after appointments in which you encourage clients to leave a positive review. Doing this will not only help your practice build a solid online reputation, it will also help buffer the occasional negative review. And remember, when clients leave reviews, always

FACT: 7 out of 10 consumers will leave a review for a business if asked.

Source: Local Consumer Review Survey 2016

Appreciate clients who appreciate you

When people go online to tell everyone how amazing you are, they’re not just telling one person. With social media they’re telling the world. It is a great accolade when one of your clients takes the time to go online and post a 5-star review of your practice. But did you know that positive online reviews contribute to a higher ranking on Google? This positive online word of mouth will help you gain new clients and build revenue. So be sure to thank those clients who think so highly of your practice for leaving a positive review.

FACT: More people are reading reviews for veterinarians in 2017 as compared to 2016.
Source: BrightLocal

Don’t forget your lapsed patients

Keep in mind that you’re not just talking to your regular clients on social media. You’re also speaking to those whose pets you’ve not seen in some time. Patients who have not visited your practice in at least 18 months are considered “lapsed” and have likely fallen out of your reminder cycle. Instituting an ongoing lapsed patient marketing campaign should be part of your marketing strategy. In addition to sending targeted emails to these clients, be sure to post educational content on your website and social media channels about the benefits of regular veterinary care.

FACT: 85% of customers expect a business to be active in social media.
 Source: Vocus

Every patient and client your practice sees generates revenue. And beyond ensuring the health of your patients, increasing revenue is the key to practice success. With most pet owners today taking advantage of the internet to learn about local veterinary practices, it’s absolutely vital that you manage your hospital’s online reputation and do all you can to ensure that what’s said about you is positive. By putting your practice’s best foot forward, you’re more likely to bring new and lapsed patients to your practice —increasing your roster and boosting revenue in no time.

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