Learn about the AVImark 19.21 release

By Marketing

29 August 2020 5 min read


Update your practice to our latest AVImark 19.21 software version to see the latest features and capabilities.

Software version upgrades are part of the robust package of software support available to your practice. Also, these latest enhancements simplify and streamline the management of your business, save valuable staff time and enhance your practice’s profitability.

Here are some release highlights for our AVImark® software update:

CareCredit integration

Save time and reduce human error by activating CareCredit within your AVImark software. Now when you enter payments, they automatically write back to the ledger. 

Schedule virtual visits

Telemedicine enables you to safely care for animals from anywhere. Now you can join other practices successfully using telemedicine in their curbside care to reduce appointment times and bring the pet owner into the exam virtually.

Medical record easy email

Save 5-10 minutes each time you email a chart by adding multiple attachments at one time. Finally, there is no need to email multiple times simply to send all the related files. 

Medical Condition Record

A new menu option in the Medical Condition Record, Import SOAP, allows you to choose from a list of patient records to import. In addition, a button at the bottom of the record locks it from any further edits.

Get on track with AVImark 19.21

Let your practice start enjoying these great new benefits today. Contact us to learn more about upgrading your software.